Devin Schulz


1 min read

Copy React props to your clipboard in Google Chrome

While working on a React project today, I was looking to copy a property that was passed down to a component. After searching around, I found out it’s surprisingly easy. Open up the React Developer Tools tab within the Chrome inspector.

5 min read

Combining synchronous actions using Redux Thunk

The problem Simple front-end applications I’ve worked with have one event (click, keypress, input change, etc.), which dispatches a single action to modify part of the application state tree. At the time your application scales in complexity, that single event may need to perform several actions at once and perform some sort business logic before they are dispatched.

2 min read

Welcome Readers

I’m a designer turned web developer that specializes in front-end applications. As an advocate for best practices and proper schematics, I believe that the web should be open and accessible for everyone. I’ve struggled for years to get a decent blog up and running.